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Mock Deer Scrape

There is a mock deer scrape on my property I made last year. It wasn’t getting much action since it was buried under the snow (although they did dig up some others through the snow). I went up to plant some trees, both Black Hills Spruce and Swamp White Oaks, on Saturday. I took the opportunity to refresh this particular scrape with Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic, our new advanced scent powder. It has the scent of perfected tarsal gland, pheromones and urine that both stays fresh and ages at the same time. This is thanks to some great chemistry used in its formulation, and we are the only ones to ever have accomplished it. Deer think it is real, it has true biological attraction. It is NOT just a pee perfume. It is NOT rebottled bulk scent.

Once I was done planting twenty trees at this location, I went on to freshening things up. This particular scrape is under a small buck thorn tree. The branches from this tree are about 3-4 feet above the ground. I placed some Lucky 7 Preorbital/ Licking Branch GEL on those branch tips. I also raked up the dirt a bit under the branches and sprinkled a small amount of the new scent powder on to the exposed soil. That is it, as simple as it can possibly be.

Later that afternoon, I got a picture of a young doe checking it out. Then a larger doe and last years fawn. Then more deer checked in. Not bad for a spot that hadn’t had a picture in over a week!

The deer continue to visit this location every day, multiple times per day. It will likely stay active all season long. It allows me to catalog my deer and so far, I have seen the above deer, plus the buck pictured below who has just started to grow his new antlers. Extremely effective!

Licking Branch Over Mock Scrape Mock Deer Scrape

If you aren’t using a mock deer scrape to attract and catalog deer, you should be. It is very effective.