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Best Deer Scent 2019? – It Could Be!

When I claim the Best Deer Scent 2019, I do not do so lightly. We are launching our newest synthetic scent, Lucky 7 Synthescent Whitetail Deer TRAX and it may very well turn out to be the best deer scent in your arsenal.

Our new Whitetail Deer TRAX is  made to smell like a combination of standard deer urine and interdigital gland. The interdigital gland is located between the “toes” of a deer’s hoof. It secretes a strong substance made up of over 45 volatile substances. As these substances fade over time, it allows other deer to follow the path of the deer that left it behind. Used correctly, it can cause a deer to follow your path right to your stand. Think of the possibilities of that!

One effective way to use it is to put some on your boots or on a drag as you walk to your stand. It is a thicker, sticky liquid that will not rub of quickly, will leave a nice trail and will last quite some time before fading (longer than the day’s hunt and even resisting rain and snow). As it has a naturally strong odor, it will be quite effective at covering your odor as well. You can also use a bit near your stand as a cover scent as well as covering your tracks as you walk in. If you add it to a mock scrape (along with our other synthetic scents), it will help complete the illusion that will bring in those big bucks.

Like all our synthetic scents, our new Whitetail Deer TRAX is legal even where real urine scents are banned and cannot spread CWD. It has an indefinite shelf life and is unaffected by normal temperatures. If you forget it in your pocket at the end of the season, it will be just as good the next. Synthetics are great for ease of storage and ease of use.

Nelson Creek Outdoors Pro Staff members used this scent last season and had phenomenal results. We make sure every product is extremely effective and the best it can possibly be. After a few additional tweaks, it is now even better and ready to be your new Best Deer Scent 2019!

Best Deer Scent 2019