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Lucky 7 Deer Attractants







Lucky 7 Synthescent Doe-In-Heat PLUS – Our synthetic estrus doe urine is nearly a perfect copy of the real stuff, with an added biological ingredient that makes it “come alive”. The Big Bucks agree!

Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck-In-Rut MAX – A Great synthetic buck urine, it has the stout, musky odor of a buck in full rut. The local Big Buck will want to find the intruder and toss him out!

Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7 – Our signature doe-in-heat urine scent! This product is a blend of estrous doe and subordinate buck urine that drives the Big Boys crazy. They believe there is a ready doe and they need to find her NOW! Available in regular and time-release CrystalGel varieties.

Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant – A powdered trace mineral supplement with a flavor designed to be irresistible to deer, along with the chemistry to carry its attractive aroma over a distance to bring deer in from far.

Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle – This all new attractant has been in the works for many years with lots of research into exactly what aromas and flavors deer are most attracted to. Nothing brings in more deer.

Lucky 7 Cover Scent and Spray Attractant – These food-based scents are designed to both cover human odor and to attract deer with the alluring smell of favorite foodstuffs.

Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scent – These are non-food based cover scents that cover human odor on clothes and equipment.

NCO Cup ‘Em Up Duck Calls – Durable, low cost plastic duck calls that work under the toughest of conditions. They are easy to use and sound great!

NCO Deer Calls – Like our duck calls, these are extremely affordable, durable and useful. Imitate bucks, does and fawns.

Lucky 7 Liquid Fish Attractants – Our oil-based fish attractants are formulated to entice fish to strike and hold onto your bait or lure longer.

Lucky 7 Fish Attractant Sticks – Based on the same great technology as our oil-based fish attractants, these convenient and mess-free attractant sticks are great for use on lures and plugs. They attract more fish to bite your lures and require very infrequent reapplications.