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Why use a Synthetic Doe in Heat Scent?

We sell both real urine and synthetic doe in heat scent in our Lucky 7 line up. I sometimes get asked why to use one over the other. Here are my thoughts. Real doe in heat urine (like our Lucky 7 – Love Potion #7 Whitetail Estrous Scent) works veryRead More

Bow Hunting Has Started!

I even managed to make it into a stand. Two nice does went by, maybe 3 feet from my ladder. I started to draw and a third deer I never saw saw me. And it was all over. Do I need to design some new camo?

Lucky 7 Synthescent Buck-In-Rut MAX is here!

The most potent, realistic buck in full rut scent is now here in time for the 2017 deer hunting season. It mimics the stout, musky odor of a buck in full rut, making your local Big Boy think he has got competition. And he won’t like it! He will patrolRead More

New Mobile-Friendly Store!

Our new mobile-friendly store is up and running. It isn’t just better on a phone or tablet; it is better on a computer as well. Better looking, easier to navigate and easier to purchase. Give it a try:

Opening Day of Fishing.

Was a slow opener this year. The weather just won’t cooperate. Still managed a few bass and pike. We need some real spring weather.

Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scents Now Available!

Our Lucky 7 Premium Cover Scents are non-food based and are used to cover your body and gear to hide their odor. Dirty Squirrel Nutz simulates squirrels burying white oak acorns in fresh dirt. Just Plain Dirt is the smell of freshly turned earth alone, the perfect universal cover scent.

Ice Fishing is On!

The ice is solid and people are venturing out. Try some Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant to improve your catch on those slow days. Liquid or stick.

Lucky 7 Dirty Squirrel Nutz, Successful Testing!

Our newest cover scent, Lucky 7 Dirty Squirrel Nutz has had successful testing completed. Thanks goes out to Hunter Libra, one of our Prostaff, for starting the ball rolling on this one. It will be a great addition to anyone’s hunting arsenal.

Nov. 19th WI Deer Rifle Begins!

Wisconsin’s Deer Rifle Season starts this weekend, the 19th and 20th. Good Luck to all!

Our NEW Website is Up.

We redid our website to help out people on mobile. The old one was nice on a computer, but hard to navigate by having to scroll on a phone or tablet. This one should be easily manageable on any device you may be using. The Store site is still notRead More