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Nelson Creek OutdoorsNelson Creek Outdoors is dedicated to providing our customers with the best outdoor adventures they can have. Our many years of experience as outdoorsmen, coupled with the proven research and data that goes into all of our hunting and fishing scents and attractants, allows us to bring you items that will enhance and improve your outdoor moments. We'll help you in your quest for that Big Ol' Buck or help you land that Giant Bass.


Lucky 7 Whitetail Attractants and MineralsNCO is intent on providing our customers with innovative hunting and fishing products that really work, without the hype, using a real "truth in advertising" approach. Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant was the first product in the Lucky 7 line. If you want to bring deer in for hunting, trail cams, etc., this is the ticket. Lucky 7 Spray Attractants are available now and hunters are loving them. We also have Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 Whitetail Urine Estrous Blend in regular and CrystalGel formulas. Our Lucky 7 Fish Attractants are great for anglers, too. There is just too much to list here, see more info on the PRODUCTS page.

Our Dream

box Where would we like to go from here? We'd like to grow this company out to the point where we can have funds to help introduce new people to the outdoors. We would love to be able to help people that would otherwise not get to enjoy the outdoors, such as kids living in the city and disabled veterans. If you'd like to help us achieve that goal, I hope you give our products a try. You won't be sorry as the Lucky 7 line of hunting attractants and fishing scents are truly second to none!

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September 2016

9/18 - Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 is NOW AVAILABLE in our store FRESH for the season.

9/8 - Lucky 7 - Synthescent Doe in Heat PLUS is NOW AVAILABLE in our store.

January 2016

1/19 - Lucky 7 - Synthescent Doe in Heat PLUS tested very well! Great Deer Estrus scent that lasts for years without refrigeration or special handling. Legal even where real urine is banned!If you want to sell this great product on your site or in your store, email us on our Contact page.

December 2015

12/1 - What a GREAT season!! Many of our customers got really great bucks in our recent deer seasons, both with gun and bow. Our fishing seasons saw some monster catches and very happy customers using our attractants. We look forward to 2016!

September 2015

9/19 - Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 is available for the season!!

January 2015

1/31 - Lucky 7 Fish Attractant Sticks - Gamefish Massacre are available now! So is the best deer attractant available, Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle. Check out the Product pages and our store.

October 2014

10/25 - Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 is available for the season! Also, Lucky 7 Gamefish Attractant "Baitfish Massacre" will be released very soon.

10/22 Relaunch of It is now taking recipe submissions from users.

July 2014

7/15 - Lucky 7 Catfish Attractant "Stinky Cheese" now available.


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